Challenge 6 – ImagePrc

Purpose: Draw the  correct flag

File name: ImagePrc.exe.exe

File type: Portable Executable 32

File info: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0


Using IDA to decompile this file. Go to function WinMain(). Function WNDPROC is sub_401130()


Go to sub_401130(), it create Bitmap object with size(150, 200) and draw event handle


When we click ‘Check’ button, the function will compare drawed image and resource image. If not compare, it will show ‘Wrong’ message.


Set breakpoint at the compare segment to get data of resource image.


Using HxD to create bitmap file, don’t forget add bitmap header(signature, size, …etc).


Open bitmap file, we get flag !


Flag: GOT

Another way, we can extract to raw file and create bitmap file.


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